Da Vinci’s Studio

Brief: You are living in XVI century Florence, working as an apprentice at Leonardo da Vinci’s studio, right at the heart of the Renaissance era. He is looking for funding to build some more of his contraptions; maybe a flying machine or a robotic knight. This is your chance to impress him by creating some material to promote the studio.

There are no rules. You can create anything, it can be a logo, campaign, artwork, zine, series of photos, posters, images, a t-shirt, drawing, badge, story, 3D piece, sound piece, video or something else. You can use this as a game, an exercise, a school project or just for fun.

All we ask is that you submit file types less than 20mb (gif, png, jpg, pdf, mp4) and preferably in A3 size. But most importantly, have fun.

Please submit your entries to: